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Buckeye burl pen stabilized with Ultraseal Wood StabiliserWood stabilization is the process of impregnating wood with a blend of monomers which, in the presence of high heat, polymerizes to form a hard and tough acrylic.  Stabilized wood is generally easier to turn, sand, and polish than unstabilized wood, particularly spalted and punky woods.  Stabilizing enhances grain appearance, increases water-resistance, and the increased hardness helps resist scuffing and scratching.

Performed properly, stabilizing wood is neither dangerous nor complicated.  Equipment suitable for stabilizing small quantities of wood safely at home can be had for only a few hundred dollars.  Stabilizing your own blanks allows you maximum artistic freedom for color development and ensures that you control the quality of the finished product.

July 7th 2009 - A note about this site

For the benefit of ensuring technical information on Ultraseal Wood Stabiliser is readily available, this site is going live prior to it being fully completed.

  • Online ordering is not yet active, although pricing is shown.  Until the online ordering module is finished, you can order via e-mail here,.  Please provide your name, shipping address, size, and quantity desired.  We will create an invoice with the total amount due plus UPS Ground shipping charges.  PayPal will e-mail you this invoice with a link to complete the transaction.  Your order will ship upon completion of the transaction.  Please note that orders shipped within Michigan are subject to Michigan's 6% sales tax.
  • The User Forum is still being worked on and is not active!  The Ultraseal Wood Stabiliser Compatibility with Various Wood Species forum is specifically for users to rate their experience (1-5 rating) and provide comments about using Ultraseal with different wood species and other stabilized products (such as antler and coffee beans).  This is not specific to any product such as pens or knives.  It is focused solely on the interactions between wood, resin, and process and will benefit all woodworkers.  If you already have experience stabilizing with Ultraseal, please register and begin providing feedback for the benefit of others.