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Ultraseal Wood Stabiliser

Ultraseal Wood Stabiliser is the only methacrylate wood stabiliser formulated specifically to meet the needs of the woodworking industry.   Existing thermocuring wood stabilizers are actually products developed many years ago for the automotive industry, with properties suited for engine block sealing, not wood stabilization.  Characteristics like cloudiness, off-color tint, hardness, fluorescence, and retail availability are of limited importance to an engine or transmission manufacturer.  However, to a serious woodworker these characteristics are of the utmost importance in guaranteeing the quality of a finished product.  Ultraseal Wood Stabiliser cures crystal clear to a tough, hard finish without the use of fluorescent markers and with low bleed-out, resulting in the excellent turning, sanding, polishing, and aesthetic properties you require.

Product Updates

  • 2009-07-02  All product currently shipping is what has been commonly called "Ultraseal 2" which has improved cure properties based on initial feedback from testers.  You do not need to call it "Ultraseal 2" when ordering.

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About Ultraseal International

Ultraseal International, a division of specialty chemical company Norman Hay plc, has been a trusted leader in vacuum impregnation technology for over 40 years.  Ultraseal developed and launched the world’s first methacrylate impregnation sealant, now a standard across the globe.  We also pioneered environmentally-friendly impregnation products and processes.  Our high quality recycling sealants and machines are saving money for premier manufacturers like Toyota, BMW, and Honda, and are saving the environment through dramatic reductions in chemical usage and fresh water consumption.  Our longevity, reputation, and expertise make Ultraseal the company you can trust for your most precious woodworking projects .